Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Last Minute Queen

I love my sister to bits but she can be annoying at times...It's like she is genetically coded to assist in the duplication of frowning lines on my forehead..I have been pestering her to apply for the Shell scholarship..I've done all the research and even emailed her the application form everything..

Two weeks ago...

Annoying sister: Tapi kak..aku rasa aku inda layaklah..mesti ramai lagi orang lagi pandai dari aku..
Phat Baker: Cuba sajalah.
Annoying sister: inda dapat tu..lagipun borang tinggal di rumah..
Phat Baker: Fine. Kalau taknak apply, tak payahlah.

*inda : tidak

Suddenly, when the closing date is right around the corner, she changed her mind and decided that she want to apply. I am so the very benganglah because she couriered her application to me and ask me to prepare all the documentation since all her files are here..

In the end, siapa yang kelam-kabut?

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mubaraq ahmad said...

what r big sisters there for?!