Thursday, March 27, 2008

My New Job

After months of speculation..dapat ke..xdapat much drama involved (Brunei has very strict and complicated procedures pertaining the employment of foreigners), I finally got the job that I want and..

I love it!
I love it!
I love it!

Suprisingly, I get on very well with my ofismate eventhough I am an anti-social person since moving to Brunei in November'06..My boss is very-very cool (she doesn't even know I have a blog, so no kiss ass-sing is involved here). My two senior officers are very sporting and very helpful..Food is only a phone call away..I can order anytime and get it delivered directly to my desk.

Yesterday's lunch

Plus, once my probation period ends, I get to travel cheap..Oh such bliss..

So now I can consider myself gloomy brunei days are over..yay!!!


mubaraq ahmad said...

u can have this 'ability', to bond with u'r boss... he he he

musfirah said...

wah...boss pun ade blog ye..tak kiss ass ke tu.."following the boss's foot steps" hahahaha

the Phat Baker said... long as dia xtau sy puji dia dlm blog..hehe..

moy~yom said...

lunch - mee goreng basah or mee goreng mamak? if it's the latter amus won't be drooling mcm sy :P