Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Eight Housemates

I read somewhere that cats do not consider us humans as their master. In fact, they consider us as their housemates. No wonderlah taknak dengar cakap..I have 8 housemates at home. My mum brought home a tiny frail kitten back in 2004 and eventually we got more and now, we have eight of them.


His mum refused to nurse him when he was born. Maybe that’s why he’s so angry and moody most of the time. He has only 4 teeth left because the vet had to pull out the rest. He thinks he’s a hamster because his likes to store food in his mouth and eat it when he sleeps.

The most affectionate of the bunch. Likes to sleep on people's lap. Lost half of his fur back in 2005 due to a mysterious skin condition. Now, he got all his fur back. Presley likes to attack him for no reason at all.

Our black cat. He’s very agile. He’s also very jumpy and nervous. My dad’s friend gave him to us because my dad’s friend’s dogs like to bully him. Scared me to death when he brought dead lizards and dead birds into my room as tokens of appreciation.

She used to be the youngest one. She came to our house herself on a rainy day, all dirty and muddy. We were pleasantly suprised to see all that white fur when we bathed her. I think somebody intentionally thrown her away. Has a “I-know-I-am-pretty” attitude. Secretly has a boyfriend and got impregnated last year by the next-door cat.

Too naughty and extremely playful. Managed to break two vases during her first 2 weeks in our house. Found her at a kedai runcit. Her sibling was run down by a car. We took her in so that she will not suffer the same fate.

Fluffy’s kittens

Looks exactly like her father. Very noisy. Loves to climb things. Treats legs like her personal scratching post.

Named after Charlie Chaplin because he looks like he has the same moustache. Easily gets scared and doesn’t like to be left alone in a room. Just recovered from an eye disease.

She is the smallest of the lot. Has one blue eye and one brown eye, looks like a baby rat when she was born because she has no fur. She doesn’t like to meow and takes after her mother.

We never plan to have this many cats but we're glad we have these eight wonderful housemates. Life is never boring with them in the house..


musfirah said...

johnny...rindu johnny...johnny tak pandai beli tiket air asia ooppsss rba dtg malaysia eh

the Phat Baker said...

drpd johnny turun kl, baik awk yg turun sini..ble bonding ngn johnny lg..