Monday, April 7, 2008

My Kinabalu Weekend Part 1

I went to Kota Kinabalu last weekend for a short holiday with Cikyat and her friends. Typical of me, I forgot to bring my camera..dammit!! So in this post, all the pics are taken using my handphone. I'm still waiting for Cikyat to email her pics taken using her canggih waterproof digicam*..I was really awed by its waterproofness..fuh!!
* Correction: Cikyat's sister's digicam.

Taken using my 2 year old phone..not bad huh?!

Our main agenda on Saturday was shopping..lots and lots of shopping..Cikyat, Ayu, Sena and Kak Su bought brooches, bangles, pearls, t-shirts..mmm...I cannot recall what else they bought..the Filipino market was so hot and crowded, we were dripping wet with sweat when we're done bargaining..

Cikyat's retail therapy

Sena's RHB friend, En. Din took us out for lunch at one malay restaurant..I cannot remember the place..the food was okla. Later that night, we stuffed our faces with delicious fresh seafood.

We didn't eat lobster but this guy was somebody's dinner that night..

What a perfect day..spending the day with my friends..doing what we and eating..then shop again..eating KK's famous seafood..

I do wish all my other friends were here...

P/S: Don't worry Faidzal..we all ate the seafood on your tak's a pity you couldn't join us in time maybe?


manfio said...
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Faidzal said... time maybe...xpe least ade org mkn on behalf me :P mmg rugi tul..tetiba plak KL suh blk :(

cik_yatt said... fast u posted it in ur blog! saya bukak ni pun sbb faidzal suh saya bukak..

and shu..perlulah nak letak gmbar saya aja yg shop! ( awk pun shop jugak apa??)

walaupun sekejap..i had a really good time of seeing u again after a while..and its totally worth it!

thank U for being my tourist guide ( tho u also use a map like a tourist..ahahhaha!)

cik_yatt said...

owh..btway correction - thank U to my sister's oh so canggih digicam! ( waterproof..shockproof..and bulltproof..perhaps? :P )

the Phat Baker said...

ada gambar awk shopping jer dlm phone needla for my shopping pics..I don't consider myself as tourist..hehe..

mubaraq ahmad said...

what did u delete? scandalous! frivolous! vexatious! (betoi ka spelling ku?!)

the Phat Baker said...

xde papela..bkn sy yg delete. Kami punyer holiday lawful and suitable for minors..maybe except for the excessive shopping..hehe..