Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Kinabalu Weekend Part 2

When I agreed to join Cikyat in KK, my sole intention was to be her tourist guide since I've been to KK so many times before. But unfortunately..due to my lack of self-control, I became the tourist instead and even shop like one..

First, when Cikyat bought ikan bilis and ikan keropok at the dry market, I also bought ikan bilis and ikan keropok plus udang kering..

the Ikan Keropok was crunchy and yummy..

Then, at the Filipino market, the girls bought brooches, I also bought brooches..

Too pretty to ignore..

Later that day, at Kompleks Warisan..the girls didn't even buy anything, and I, the "so-called tourist guide" bought a bag..OH MG!! like I don't have enough bags at home..

Got anyaman some more..hehe..

The next day, at the Gaya Market, when Cikyat bought keychains as souvenirs, I also bought keychains..takde langsung self-control..

Cute kan?

Mmm..maybe I should have left my ATM card at home..huhu..

1 comment:

cik_yatt said...

yeah, its sad (on ur part) but its true ( yay..on my part!) that u also my fren have no self control whatsoever in shoping issue!!

ahahhaha..its so relaxing and stress free hobby.. :P

admit it!