Friday, April 25, 2008

Reunion Night

Last night, my parents hosted a mini reunion for their university friends in Brunei.

This photo was taken during their Brunei Independence celebration in New Zealand back in 1984. Nampak tak sy kat mana?

I was told that most of the people in this photo were my babysitters. (I think they were shocked to see me all grown being sooooo tall and all..huhu..) I couldn't really follow their can I know..I was only 3 years old..Last night was all about reminiscing the good old times..I cannot say I enjoyed it that much because...

Aunty R (jaw dropping): Wah..(sambil tepuk-tepuk lengan sy)..besarnya sudah...tingginya!!!

(duh..It has been 23 years since you saw me..)

Uncle A: Dulu kamu kuat minum susu tu..hisap jari lg..

(OMG!! this is so embarassing..)

Uncle P: Kamu ni senang kan dijaga. Suruh masuk kereta, kamu masuk saja..nasib baik masa tu blm ada penculik mcm sekarang ni..terlampau mendengar ckp kamu ni dulu..


Aunty R: auk*. diam saja kamu ni masa baby..bagi susu, terus tidur..

* auk : yes

( more..please)

I can say that my parents enjoyed themselves tremendously..but as for me, it was a long night full of baby embarrassments..nasib baik food sedap..


asniloveschocolate said...

k.shu! asni bace entry ni sambil imagine ur expression kalau bercerita sendiri!!! comel!!! =p

the Phat Baker said...

hahaha..bagus btul imagination writing skills dh improve sikit la ni kan..hehe..