Saturday, May 24, 2008

The "D" word

If only this exists..

Oh man!!

I had undergone 2 medical check-ups these past few weeks..for employment purposes and it seems both doctors unanimously agree that I have to go on a DIET..


They went on and on about how unhealthy my weight is and that my BMI is not so good and that because I'm so tall, I'm being delusional about how I don't look that fat in the Anne said la..badan sy tak gemuk tapi menebal..hahaha..(though my mum disagreed..she said I'm now even fatter than when I was in Form 1 which can be interpreted as being too fat..)

Oh No!!

I love food..

I love to cook..

Maybe I can join Oprah on her 21-days vegan diet..yerrgghhh..

Maybe I should start cooking healthy food..baru jer plan nk buat cheesecake..bahan dah bli..haiyo!!

Maybe buat cheesecake dulu..then diet..ahahaha..


musfirah said...

la tak jd ke wat cheesecake...nasib bek tak jeles sgt ari tuh.hehehe

Anonymous said...

Shu...your blog is funny, informative, short, simple and sweet. Love reading them, you are just as funny as ever! Miss ya babe!

the Phat Baker said...

Amus: Cheesecake dah selamat masuk perut..hehe..

Preparedbyns: Thanks dahlink..Glad u like my blog..Manage to try any of the recipes?