Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Laksa

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!

I've been busy these few days, hence the lack of posts.

My mum went to KL last weekend, so we had a belated mother's day celebration yesterday (thankfully her AirAsia flight was on time!!).

I surprised her with my version of Penang Laksa. I made the gravy on Sunday night. I find the gravy more yummy if it's made one night ahead so that the flavour blends together overnight.

My laksa making adventure started in 2003 when I was forced to do it by myself with little help from my mum because she was not in the mood to do any cooking. She just wanted to laze in front of the TV watching her favourite cowboy movie. I was going up and down the stairs checking with her what to do next..I was not kitchen savvy then..hehe..

That night during dinner, my mum rated my laksa B+..huhu..Not bad lah kan for a first timer!!

Making laksa is actually easy except for the preparation of the fish meat. uggghhh..a lot of de-boning involved and it made my fingers numb with fatigue but the smell of the gravy afterwards is worth all the effort..

No recipe is posted today..it's my grandma's secret recipe. If you want to have a taste, you have to fly over to Brunei and I'll be glad to make some for you.

After years of practice, I sort of mastered the art of laksa-making, though it really depends on my mum's approval. This time round, she gave me an A..hahaha..

It's really not easy to satisfy my mum's tastebud..but as the saying goes..practice makes perfect..

Happy Mother's Day Mama!! Love you lots!!

and not forgetting my friends (who are already mums or about to become one), hope you had a blast on Mother's Day!!

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baizura said...

Shu...i'm coming over there.. after raya...

i've request... please masak dis laksa nanti.. bleh