Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Belated Father's Day

We suprised dearest dad with scrumptious lontong last Sunday.

I'm too busy to write down the recipe..well..there is no recipe actually..Lontong calls for a "potong dan campak" concept..chop..chop...chop everything..

Lots of vegetables..

Lots of prawn, fishball, crabstick, fishcake (my siblings doesn't like veggies)

Lots of tofu, dried beancurd, tonghoon..

then, just add in blended udang kering and all the above. Once cooked, pour in santan and kunyit for the yellow colour..lastly, add in seasoning..

That's it..So easy..I can cook with my eyes half open..haha..

and of course...not forgetting..

Topped with lots of spicy and yummy sambal ikan bilis..

This pic only has little sambal because I forgot to take picture earlier..bila semua dah habis, baru ingat nak ambik gambar..haha..

Delicious lontong for dearest dad.

Happy Father's day..Love you lots!!


mubaraq ahmad said...

ank ayh... itu yg ayh tak kasi pg mana2 tuh...

princessanna said...

hi there....

i get to know your blog from mubaraq blog... and i just luuvvvsss your blog... great recipes!!!