Wednesday, July 30, 2008

26 July

My birthday weekend was simple but fun. I'm 26 already big bang celebration for me. Thank you very much..My initial plan was to celebrate my birthday in KL with my dear beloved frens but then, that plan got cancelled, so I had to make do with what I can do here lah..

I thought it was a very blessed day. After 4 years of waiting, my family's Permanent Resident Applications have been approved and we spent the whole morning at the Immigration Department sorting out all the paperwork. I have my PR now..Yay!!

Later in the evening, my two lovely frens and I went out for a scrumptious dinner and later on, watched the long awaited Dark Knight.

Seriously, the movie is as dark as the name. It was frightening but sad at the same time. I loathed the Joker but at the same time I was awed by Heath Ledger's performance. I don't really like Rachel Dawes but then, her fate nearly moved me to tears. I loved Harvey Dent chiseled boyish looks and his charismatic ways but fuh, his face when he became Two Face was scary..and not forgetting the complicated Bruce Wayne/Batman..oh gosh!! I love Batman..

I celebrated my birthday with my parents the next day..

A delicious birthday dimsum treat to end my perfect birthday weekend..

Simple but fun and most importantly, doesn't spoil my diet..hehe..


musfirah said...

happy birthday darling.. mmmuaaahhhhhhh

Esma said...

Hey dts Effa ryt? Hehe. Congrats dear. I noe hw it felt getting a resident. Bt d best feeling being d yellow card :)