Friday, August 1, 2008

Life is Good

Finally, I completed my 3-months probation. I finally got the job that I love.

and looking back, it was not an easy journey.

During my uni days, I had a vision on how my life, career-wise should be. There I was, a corporate lawyer, an independent career woman living her own life in KL. I crave financial independence but alas, this dream was not meant to be..

In 2007, I was undergoing my Sarawak chambering. I HATED litigation. I missed KL. I missed my friends. My brother was making my life a living hell. The thought of doing litigation all my life made me even more depressed. Our PR application was not going anywhere. No PR means I had to stay in Brunei for who knows how long until the PR is approved and at that time, who knows when. No PR means I cannot work in Brunei. (Actually, I can work in Brunei but then, my employee will have to apply for my foreigner's employment pass which is such as hassle and that alone makes my job hunting a fruitless effort). I used to have a specific plan for my life and this uncertainty is killing me. It was a horrible feeling.

I remember trying to concentrate just to get through each single day. I remember the waves of depressing thoughts crashing in my head. I remember the hopelessness and the sadness when everybody else is making a life of their own and all my friends are moving on with their lives and here I am, so far away and my life was not going anywhere.

Then, I decided I need to take control of my life. I applied for an attachment position in this company. I worked my ass off for free for about 5 months. My dad was not really happy with my decision. Some people in the company didn't take me seriously. To them I was just another attachment student playing around just to fill her free time. But I proved them wrong. I worked so hard so that the company would realize how good I am and so that the company would hire me, PR-less and all.

..and they did. They totally did.

So now you know why I am so happy today. I finished my 3-months probation and life is good.


Shasha said...

Shu...congratulations...I have no idea...I think what you have gone thru is an inspiration to me, I seem to not know what I want and am so miserable being away from friends in KL...

the Phat Baker said...

Thanks!!! I truly understand what you're going through and hopefully you'll get what you want eventually. Hope for the best and never give up!!