Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Dessert Operation

This should have been the Molten Chocolate Cake post but I forgot to buy the ingredients last night. Oh well..

I have another project in my mind right now. With Amus's wedding just around the corner, she got me thinking about creating a delicious but simple wedding dessert. The dessert must be easy to serve because we all know how hectic that day would be. And what is easier that desserts served in glasses or maybe a mini cheesecake.

So, for the next fews months, I'm going to try out these desserts (well, not really exactly..will try my best.. :), pics were taken from Wel Fed, Avanti's Recipes, Yum Sugar and


musfirah said...

yippie!!! suke!!! thanks awk

mubaraq ahmad said...

mkn masak lomak ngan desert cmni?! ok ker?!