Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Return from the Dead

I was browsing through my sister's blog and saw something that made me cringe with shame..

My blog died for 5 months.

For 5 long months, I left my blog to survive on its!! Procrastination really gets me..

Okes..I will TRY to update regularly..

mmm..maybe a good slice of chocolate cake can do this blog some good..


Anonymous said...

good to see u back!! ru on Facebook or anything?? easier to keep in touch!


Pierce said...

I just surfed around and found your blog. That cartoon is hilarious!


the Phat Baker said...

Tina: Glad you enjoyed that cartoon. Found it in the Web somewhere. It totally reflects me..haha..

Izan: Yup. I got facebook. Same problem there. Long time no me your username!!