Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This week's projects

My mum bought me this really-really modern and super-high tech (need to read the manual again cos I already forgot how to use it) Electrolux mixer.Wonder where I put it..must be collecting dust somewhere in the house..sheeshh..pity my mum for having such a lazy-ass daughter..hahaha..

So this week, I must:

1) post that chocolate cake recipe I made for Hari Raya..you heard me right..I baked the chocolate cake 5 months ago!!

2) bake Molten Chocolate Cake. I found the recipe in Closet Cooking and the chocoholic monster inside me is salivating with the anticipation of tasting that sinful melt-in-the-mouth chocolate concoction.

3) make that no-bake cheesecake I loved so much. Got the recipe from Kak Rani, my next-door officemate. She made it for one of our office's potluck and boy..oh boy..oh boy..bye-bye diet..I close one eye and ate a few slices with relish..muahahaha..

4) post some pics of Cikyom's Brunei Trip. It's a miracle that we even have pics at all. Here's the story...

Day 1: my dad went to KK and borrowed my camera. So no pics taken.
Day 2: I forgot to bring my camera for our Water Village session eventho cikyom already reminded me so many times. (Cikyom's camera phone saved the day). Only took a few pics during the night at the now ghost town-like Jerudong Park.
Day 3: We went to Tungku beach. It was a beautiful morning. The beach was picture perfect. And..drum roll.. I (OH MG!!) clumsily dropped my 7.2 mega pixel camera into the salty water. So obviously, no pics taken.
Last day: thankfully managed to find my sis's camera in my laptop bag and hooray!! got pics.

my beloved camera.
9 September 2006 - 1 March 2009

Okeh..okeh..hopefully Project No.1 will be ready for posting tomorrow morning. Lunch hour is almost over..Need to get back to work..:)

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