Monday, March 30, 2009

Wedding Dessert Operation 2: Chocolate Trifle

Another dessert candidate for my friend's wedding. A lot more time consuming compared to tiramisu because I decided to make everything from scratch. I baked the brownie the night before. Then, in the morning, I made the chocolate mousse and whipped the cream. The only commercially manufactured ingredient is the Hershey's chocolate sauce (a last minute decision. I thought the dark colour of the sauce will enhance the chocolaty prettiness).

Chocolate Trifle

Preparation time: altogether about 3 hours, I think. Forgot to time myself.
Serves 6 people

There are 4 parts to the process: (1) brownies, (2) chocolate mousse, (3) whipped cream and (4) assemble.

Brownies - Recipe can be found here. My sister already ate 1/4 of the brownies before I started assembling. (I accidentally added 1 cup flour instead of 1/2. The taste is still the same except my brownies have a cake-like texture.)

Chocolate Mousse

I used Nigella Lawson's Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe from Nigella Express. To see the Domestic Goddess in action, have a look in the video.

Printable Recipe Here


150g mini marshmallows
50g soft butter
250g semisweet chocolate, chopped into small pieces
60ml hot water
250ml (1 cup) heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla extract


1. Put the marshmallows, butter, chocolate, and water in a saucepan. Over a gentle heat, stir until the marshmallows melt completely. Remove from heat to cool. (You must really make sure the marshmallow mixture is totally cool. Or else it will melt the cream)

2. While waiting for the marshmallow mixture to cool, whip the cream with the vanilla until thick. Once the marshmallow mixture is cool, fold it into the whipped cream and gently mix well.

3. Chill until ready to eat/use. (I refrigerate it overnight and it still taste good. Only it hardens a little bit and not as soft)

(3) Whipped Cream

I whipped about 1 cup cream and leave it in the fridge to chill while I am preparing the ingredients to assemble my trifle.

(4) Assemble Time

The assembling sequence are as follows:

1. Crumble the brownies at the bottom of the glass.

2. Pour a little bit of the chocolate sauce on top of the brownies.

3. Add a layer of the chocolate mousse.

4. Add a layer of the cream.

5. Repeat (1), (2) and (3). (You can also throw in nuts like almond or walnut for that extra flavour)

6. Once assembled, chill in the fridge until ready to eat.


Reeni♥ said...

That is chocoholic heaven!! It looks so rich and decadent and dreamy!

UsuixMisa-chan said...

Where did you get marshmallows and semisweet chocolate in Brunei???? Can you email me the place?