Saturday, April 18, 2009

I love Bobby Chinn

I never imagined that I could get anything from my blog. I mean I just throw in a couple of my favourite recipes, ramble a bit and my blog is done. So I almost died of shock last Thursay when Marul of What I Ate Today (who gets to eat ambuyat with Bobby..Gah! So jealous!!) invited me to attend Bobby Chinn's Exclusive Cooking Demo at DST HQ. Bobby Chinn came to Brunei to do a shooting of Antony Warroll’s one-hour TV show set to be screened in Discovery Travel and Living end of this year.

I am an Asian Food Channel and Discovery Travel & Living junkie. If I got the time, I can spend hours watching all these food shows. Of course, Bobby Chinn's World Cafe Asia is one of my favourite. I've been bugging a good friend of mine whose going to Hanoi next month to try out his restaurant.

He witty and fun and charming and good looking too though my best friend said otherwise..I don't understand?! Almost all of the attendees were women, so I guess I'm not the only one who thinks he's good looking.. Just look at him..


I had a blast. I was not dissappointed at all. Bobby Chinn is just as fun and entertaining as he is on television. I bought his book and got his autograph. Got him to spell my name right :)

So happy!!

Thanks Marul for inviting me and it's so great that DST is organizing these sort of program. It's my first event to be invited as a food blogger and I get to meet Bobby Chin in person. I feel lucky indeed.


meck said...


Anonymous said...

hi there,
i found ur blog some time back, and i really enjoyed ur posts!
keep up the good work!
will definitely try some of your recipes someday :)

best regards,

musfirah said...

hamboi hamboi... mesranya bergambar.

Shuhada Daud said...

Emmy: Thanks for the kind words. Really glad you like my blog.

Amus: hehehe..

Effa said...

aaiiii... so jelez...

mubaraq ahmad said...

halal ke masakan dia?!

bobby chin's restaurant sits in front of Ho Kiem lake, central of Hanoi. only if lady luck smiles brighter, mungkin...

tulisan awak mcm bdk sekolah drooling over candy... its love... ha ha ha