Monday, July 27, 2009

26 July

I had a very low key birthday yesterday. I've decided to cancel my KL trip and celebrate with my parents instead. We went to the gym (I got myself a 6 months gym membership for my birthday..hehe), spent the morning swimming at the newly-found swimming pool (Hurrah!!) and had yummy dimsum brunch at Dynasty. I did mention I didn't want any cake but my dad bought one for me anyway. :)

Oh! I want to share the wordings on the card my sister gave me:-
"Somehow the deepest feelings too seldom find their way from hearts to words. I may not often talk about how much you mean to me, how very proud I am of you, how dear you'll always be - and yet I hope you understand the things I may not say and know how much I wish you joy today and every day! Happy Birthday."
I feel like crying when I read her card. My baby sister is maturing quite well. Love her!
I did enjoy my birthday and I am grateful for all the blessings God gave me and here's to more "happy" birthdays to come..

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