Monday, March 21, 2011

Discovering my love for Cupcake Tower: Part 1

Making a tiered wedding cake is hard work and I suck at decorating.The wedding cake I made for Amus was just ok. The frosting was not smooth enough. The cake looked pretty at a glance but when I looked at it closely, I cringed.

So when I decided to a wedding cake for Nurul for her wedding last November, I thought…oh no! What the heck did I get myself into? One year on, my decorating skills still suck. I have a love and hate relationship with fondant. I don’t have a frosting recipe that I like. I hate buttercream. I wouldn't want people to scrap off the icing when they eat it. So when she mentioned she wanted cupcakes, I tried not to panic, took a deep breath and I googled away.

I learned to make my own cupcake tiers via CakeJournal. Her step-by step instructions are so easy to follow. I love Google.

I looked for inspiration by googling wedding cupcakes. I love Google.

I found the perfect vanilla frosting. Thanks Pioneer woman. I love Google.

Finally, I found the perfect chocolate frosting at Our Best Bites. Did I mention I love Google?

The day before the solemnization ceremony, I baked 150 cupcakes. I set aside 55 for the tower and the others to be served during the family dinner party. Then, I packed all my decorating tools and drove to Limbang.

Once the solemnization ceremony was over, I rushed back to my grandmother’s house and went on a frosting frenzy. Decorating cupcakes is so much more fun and relaxing than decorating a whole cake. I got my two cousins to help me. The decoration completed in approximately 4 hours.

The only downside of making a cupcake tower is that I have to assemble the tower on site which can be a bit hectic. I packed the cupcakes in boxes and drove as slow as possible to the hotel to make sure the decorations are not ruined and got the hotel staff to help me carry the cupcakes to the 3rd floor banquet hall.

Here’s my first wedding cupcakes tower. It's not perfect but I was still happy nonetheless. The bride loved it!

My next cupcake tower project came to be during Christmas.


My next project was a mini cupcake Christmas tree for my colleague’s Christmas party. I made for her mini vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with mini frosting swirls.

I resized the cupcake tower and decorated it with green, white and red ribbons.

I made about 120 mini chocolate cupcakes the night before. I made the frosting the next morning. The decoration completed in less than 2 hours. Fun! Fun! Fun!

to be continued…