Monday, March 21, 2011

Discovering my love for Cupcake Tower: Part 2

By February, with two successful cupcake towers in my baking resume, my confidence level is running high. So, I made the final decision to make for Anne a six tiered cupcake tower instead of a fondant cake. Anne is getting married in March and I have enough time to prepare myself for the trip to Baling.

Asked Anne to buy the basic ingredients (flour, sugar, milk etc) and I bought the rest of the ingredients from here and packed my decorating tools and the tower into my huge suitcase altogether weighing 23 kilos.

Arrived in Baling at 2am, Thursday morning. I started baking at around 8pm. I made baked Oreo cheesecake, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. To lessen the guilt (not sure if it actually made any difference...haha), I used oil instead of butter for the chocolate cupcakes.

I decorated the cupcake tiers with pink and purple ribbons. As a finishing touch, I added pretty dangling crystals. The decorating process started after the solemnization ceremony. And that was the beginning of my frosting nightmare. 

Problem 1: For the vanilla frosting, the recipe asked for caster sugar. But I used coarse sugar instead.
Lesson of the story: Please do not mistakenly assume the spelling of coarse is caster.Read the packet correctly.

Problem 2: That day was extraordinarily hot and I didn’t put my butter in the fridge. The butter partially MELTED!!! At 9.35pm, Azie and I had to rush to the supermarket to buy butter. Thank goodness the supermarket closes at 10pm.
Lesson of the story: Please do not put butter on a table located next to the window during a very hot day.
Problem 3: I hate to waste the butter since it only melted partially and the middle part is still intact. So we tried to salvage any part of the butter seemed to be usable to make the chocolate frosting. BAD IDEA!!! My chocolate frosting became gooey instead of stiff. We added more cocoa powder. Not stiff enough but pipeable.
Lesson of the story: Please do not use partially melted butter for frosting even though it looked kinda usable. Your eyes maybe playing tricks on you, especially when its nearly midnight.
It was getting late and I was getting frustrated and on the brink of tears. Thankfully, Azie (Anne’s officemate and my new good friend) helped (a lot!!). For Anne’s sake, we went ahead and prayed for a miracle. I piped the frosting and Azie helped to finish the decoration with assorted sprinkles. Plus all the drama, decoration done at about 2.30am.

The next day…
The cake cutting ceremony was scheduled after “Makan Beradap” which is one of the final customs to complete one’s wedding ceremony where the bride and groom eat together with their family members at the long nicely decorated table. While Anne and Isyam ate at the long table, we assembled the cupcakes tower. I assemble the cupcake rose bouquet on top. Cikyom helped to arrange the cupcakes. Thank you Cikyom! Thanks again Azie for being my assistant decorator + psychiatrist.
Finally, after working hard for nearly 2 days not including the countless hours of googling, youtubing and flickring, my cupcake tower is assembled and ready to be photographed and consumed.
Six tiered cupcake tower with pink, purple and white cupcake roses bouquet. The bride and groom loved it. I’m happy with it. Here’s to many more cupcake towers to come…Bring it on!


NKLi GKaR said...

welcome back!

nyum2x... dh jd wedding baker ka skunk?

Shuhada Daud said...

tq! ok x? tgh consider jugak option tu. mcm dh bosan kja legal ni. yang sy buat ni wedding gift untuk anne.

NKLi GKaR said...

ok2... bisnes includes Bndr Seri Begawan, Bribi n some says, Limbang!

Shuhada Daud said...

haha..awk ni ingat beribi je. since rumah sy kt kg. beribi skrg, the phat bakery will be located @ beribi. best jugak daydreaming time ofis hour ni.

nana said...

cik shue, ur cupcakes look so tempting. hopefully im not craving of it. (which actualy i did when first time looked at the photo). awak dok jauh sgt. if not mesti dh order.

Shuhada Daud said...

tula..masalah logistik..xpe awk, sy cuba usahakan buatkan utk awk klu sy turun kl bila2 nnt..