Monday, March 21, 2011

Since the Last Time I Blogged

A lot of things have happened since then. Just to mention a few...

I got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Had to take 9 tablets of Carbimazole each day for a few months. Though, on the bright side, I actually enjoyed having this disease because I get to lose most of my excess weight. I busted my ass off at the gym and still very little result. Except for the shaky hands and heart palpitation, I don’t mind it at all. (Is there something wrong with my mental capacity?!)

My parents went for Hajj.

Amus gave birth to Muhammad Aisy Luqman.

Own gave birth to Nurhan Ziyad.

My newly bought hard drive crashed and all my photos for the past 2 years of which were just transferred from my laptop gone forever and ever. I cried like a baby. We moved house and I moved office. I got this nice painting hanging in my office.

Cikyom got married to Aswad.

I went to Bangkok twice and went dessert-crazy. From left, clockwise: Cookies & Cream Soft Crepe, Chocolate Praline Ice Cream with marchmallows, Banoffee Pie, Coconut Ice Cream, glutinous rice with banana, green tea milk jelly, tri-chocolate mousse, chocolate banana tart and berry pannacotta.

I discovered Seoul Garden which is a fabulous Korean-style steamboat and grill restaurant.

Went back to Brunei and had a craving for Seoul Garden. I end up buying my own grill and now I’m a BBQ grill expert. Served with mashed potatoes and steamed veges. Yum!

Hari Raya came and went. Finally, Brunei celebrated Hari Raya the same day as Malaysia. It made me a lot happier. Celebrated the first day of Raya with my grandma and my uncles and aunties and cousins in Limbang.

Nurul, my best friend whom I’ve known since we were 8 years old got married to Hashem.

My little sister graduated. She will finish her law degree in May. Can't wait to go on a holiday with her.

Anne and her big sis came to visit me in Brunei. Had tons of fun and I destroyed her wedding diet. Sorry Anne! You still look gorgeous on your wedding day!

Aisy and Nurhan celebrated their 1-year birthdays. My hyperthyroidism is cured and I gained back a few (I mean, a whole lot) kilos. Dang!

On a sad note, one of my uni classmate passed away early this month which was shocking. In the midst of cute babies and happy wedding photos, reading the sad posts on his facebook page made me realize that death is so unpredictable. May Allah bless his soul. Amin.

Last Friday, Anne got married to Isyam.

Yesterday, I arrived home from Baling, Kedah, went straight to my room and slept like a dead log.

This morning, a zombified version of me arrived at the office.

Today, I started blogging again.


ciksha said...

Hi Shu, missed your blog posts. Always enjoyed your writing, and I now am learning to bake, so I love your recipes they give me inspirations! :)

Azie Azizan::019-274 6361 said...

hi cik shu...finally,u're back!!!hope to see all those pretty pics during anne's wed day;)
not to forget,the pics of lovely 5 tiers cuppies that u specially decorated for the newly wed=)
nway, i'm looking forward to see u u n take care

Shuhada Daud said...

Eizan: ahaks..procrastinate dengan hebat. so dah guna ke bakeware silicone yang hebat tu? nak jugak :) kat sini xde jual.

Azie: gambar2 sudah dimasukkan ke fb. gambar awk sy xsempat nk tag lg.

NKLi GKaR said...

OMG, the picture hanging sebijik mcm dkt Azmi's! Yg dkt reception then pndh masuk Room A. Cuma yg tuh ada Eifel kot, something!

Anonymous said...

k. shu blogs again! yahooo!!