Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Busy, Busy 2 Weeks

Phew..two weeks flew by so fast. There goes my newly self-imposed minimum 2 posts per week policy. Had to work extra hard at the office. Forced myself to go to the gym to let all that stress out, by then I was too exhausted to even think what to write in my blog. 

Just when I barely got my energy back, I flew to KL to attend cake decorating classes. I got really inspired to start my own cake business that I plan to launch before I turn 30 (hopefully) that I immediately enrolled in 2 cake decorating classes back to back without thinking which was such a good idea at that time but when the day comes, my body, still aching, felt differently. 

Attended Basic Fondant Class taught by Kak Min from Baking Project.   

Flew back to Brunei Sunday night. Monday morning, picked my sister from the airport. Took her out for dimsum with my mum. Didn't go to the gym. 

Tuesday, celebrated my parents' 30th anniversary. I treated them with a fabulous Fruit Cream Cake which was sadly not baked by me but bought from Bakerlyn which was nevertheless, a very beautiful cake and tasted wonderfully delicious.
Such a pretty cake.
Looks even better up close.
Leftover cake for breakfast. Yum!

The same night, since this is my sister's last semester and me, being the best sister in the world (hehe..), slaved myself in the kitchen until 3am in the morning baking and making approximately nearly 8kg worth of vico cakes, brownies, oreo cheesecakes and oreo cheeseballs for my sister and her friends. 
Double Portion Chocolate Brownies
Oreo Cheeseballs. Recipe later x

She flew back to KL Wednesday afternoon. Then, I had to fly to KL again on Thursday to attend another cake decorating class on Friday. I was too ambitious, right?!!

Friday, attended Wedding Cake 101 Class at Cake Connection taught by Lynette Wong. 

Saturday, flew back to Brunei totally and utterly exhausted. Spent most of my Sunday sleeping. Got overwhelmed with work on Monday. 

Then, procrastinated by watching Castle Marathon. I love Nathan Fillion!

And that's why I just blogged today.

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