Friday, April 8, 2011

Eating Out @ Excapade Sushi Regent Square

Tama Ebiko Sushi. It's on my Must Order list.

Yet another japanese food post from the Phat Baker. It's not like I'm a hardcore Japanese food junkie, although I do love my sushis. I planned to show diversity in my posts but it was a spur of the moment thing..hehe.. My officemates set aside some funds so that anytime we want, we can go eat out. It was a Saturday afternoon, we were spending our weekend in the office doing research and reading long winding case laws. The thought of having delicious sushis for lunch was so tempting. So off we go to Excapade Sushi.

Excapade Sushi is a Japanese restaurant chain locally owned and I think is the most successful restaurant chain in Brunei. So far it has about 9 branches in Brunei alone which is a big feat considering the small population. As of now, I only managed to try out 4 branches and I'll try to do an individual post for each of the branches so that I can compare which one is my favourite. The Bunut branch has teppanyaki and shabu-shabu. That's for another post.

We went to Excapade's Kiulap 2 branch which is located in Regent Square. As usual, please go to my Eating Out tab above for the address and contact details. The Kiulap 2 branch is very spacious. The interior is very cozy and luckily, there were a few empty tables when we arrive. It was around 1.45pm and the lunch peak hour has already passed. The service is fast and the staff are ready to serve.

 Both Kaizen Sushi and Excapade have customer friendly menus where they have photos of all their dishes so that those who do not know the japanese name of the dish that they want to order can just point it out to the waiter. Ordering is easy peasy!

We had so much food. That's what happens when you mix hunger and stress together. When I was edting the photos, I cannot believe how much I ate. That means an extra hour at the gym this week..huhu..

Mouth-watering photos coming your way:

Green Tea Milk Shake B$3.50
Wakame Chuka (Seaweed) B$2.00
Kurage Shuka (Jellyfish) B$3.80
Cheese Maki B$2.00
Kani Maki B$2.00
Phillidelphia Maki (Salmon, Cheese and Avocado) B$3.00
Beef Asparagus Battayaki B$6.00
Inari Soft Shell Crab B$3.00
Mini California Maki B$3.80
Enoki Battayaki B$4.00
Tuna Nuggets B$3.50
 And my favourite dessert:

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean B$5.00
The restaurant (it's the same for Kaizen Sushi Restaurant) is open only for lunch and dinner. For lunch, it opens from 11.30am until 2.30pm. It reopens for dinner at 6.00pm until 10.00pm. By the time we finished eating, we were one of the last customers. FYI, all sushi still on the conveyor belt after 2.00pm is 50% off. But we were too full. As you can see, the food featured in the photos above were only eaten by THREE people. Oh my gosh!!

I love sushi. I'm glad I have Eating Out posts in my blog. Looking forward to the next Eating Out adventure. Stomach, please don't be angry. I'll stock some antacid for you at home, ok? 

Phat Baker signing off.

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