Monday, April 11, 2011

My Korean Sunday Lunch

Those who knows me well know that I'm a lover of everything korean. I live for my k-drama and kpop fix. I remember watching Family Outing (it was one of the funniest most entertaining Korean variety show ever) where a group of Korean celebrities go these villages and send off the house owners on a weekend vacation while they play games, do whatever tasks and cook their own food. Here's a snippet. Very-very funny!

 Watching them eat made me salivate with envy. Their food looked so delicious. I love the sound when the marinated beef touched the hot grill. That was the most delicious sound in the world.  That's how I got to know about Korean cuisine. I was so intrigued that I went out to Koreo Restaurant here in Brunei just to have a taste and when opportunity came, went to Seoul Garden Restaurant in KL to try the Korean Grill. I fell in love at the first bite.

 The core of Korean cuisine would be Kimchi. Koreans eat kimchi with everything; rice, noodles, ramyun, beef, fish etc. Their meal will not be complete without it. Kimchi is a hot and spicy traditional Korean dish made of spices and fermented veggies like cabbage, radishes or green onions. In my honest opinion, Kimchi is definitely an acquired taste. You will either love it or hate it. I love it!

 I've been planning to host my own Korean lunch party for my office colleagues for so long. I finally did last Sunday. I made Bulgogi Sangchussam. It's basically Korean style grilled beef wrapped in lettuce eaten with rice, ssamjang (sauce made of Korean chili paste) and lots of kimchi. I have not perfected my kimchi making skills yet so I bought it at Koreo Restaurant at Kiulap for B$15 per kilo.


Korean food also has a varied array of side dishes. I love my Bulgogi Sangchussam eaten with pickled cucumber, myulchi bokkeum (fried anchovies) and egg rolls. Any other side dishes can also be served.

Pickled Cucumber

Myulchi Bokkeum

Egg Rolls sprinkled with Chili flakes

I marinated the beef overnight to ensure that the beef is nicely flavoured and tender the next day. Sunday Morning, I made the ssamjang, pickled cucumber and Myulchi Bokkeum. Just before my friends arrive, I cooked the rice, prepared the lettuce, kimchi and oil for grilling and assemble the grill on the table.
Fresh Crunchy Lettuce

Once the grill is hot, start grilling the beef. 

Music to my ears

How to eat Bulgogi Sangchussam

Grab one lettuce. Place one piece of the delicious charred meat on the lettuce.

Top with all the side dishes and a little bit of ssamjang.

I like to add rice on top.

Wrap everything into a large bundle and then, shove everything in your mouth.  That's how they eat it on TV.

You will bite into the crunchy lettuce, tate the warm charred beef, the saltiness/sourness of the kimchi, soft rice and the flavours of the side dishes. I can't get enough of it!
So delicious!

Do not worry. Recipes coming soon...

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