Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh My Fondant!

Ta dah! My very first properly covered real fondant cake. Not a dummy cake but real butter cake covered in real buttercream. Not perfect but I guess it'll do for a first timer. No wonder fondant covered cakes are so expensive. It was difficult and so much hard work that requires a lot of patience and also help from mother nature. Here's what I learned:

  1. Covering a cake with fondant will be extra difficult if it rains.
  2. If the air is too humid, the fondant will be sticky. 
  3. But, if the air is too dry, the fondant will crack.
  4. Work too slow, the fondant will dry up and then crack.
  5. Work too fast, the fondant will also crack because it's fragile. Must be extra careful working with fondant. (But if I'm extra careful, I'll work slow then it will crack anyway?!! then how?)
  6. Preferably, cover the cake in an aircond room.
  7. ok. Air must not be humid and preferably in a cool room. But then, cannot put fondant in the fridge because when I take it out after, the condensation will make the fondant sticky. But  the fridge is cool?!
  8. Must use a proper fondant rolling pin. That rolling pin costs RM114. Oh Emm Gee!
  9. Decorating sure need a lot of tools and equipments. Really expensive equipments. So many tools!
  10. Breath in....breath out...
 As I mentioned in my earlier post, I went to 2 cake decorating classes. I had so much fun. Working with fondant is like playing with playdoh. Knead it, roll it, shape it..But the decorating part, well that is a different story altogether. It was frustrating when I really-really took great care in handling the fondant but it cracked anyway. Even thinking about it is exhausting.

The first class that I went to was taught by Kak Min of Baking Project. There were only 3 of us so the class was nice and small and hands on. Kak Min showed us how to make fondant and gum paste from scratch and we practiced using a dummy cake. Covering a dummy cake is quite easy.

Learned to make scallops, frills and bows.

Learned how to shape leaves.

Learned how to make gum paste roses.
My first gum paste rose.

I felt great after the class. My confidence shot up a little.

The 2nd class was held the next friday at Cake Connection located at Jaya Once, PJ. Since I've learned the basic methods on handling fondant, covering a real two-tier wedding cake should be easy, so I thought. Boy! I was so wrong...

Lynette gave us a demonstration and at that time, I was still confident.

Crumb frosting the cake

Covering the cake with fondant.

Smoothen the fondant

I cut the cake and assemble the cake and then as I was frosting the cake, Lynette glanced at my cake and said I assembled it all wrong. The bottom should be on top. Poof! Confidence went up in smokes. And it went downhill from there.

My fondant cracked. Then, I accidentally cut off the excess fondant too near to the cake. Can see the cake board. Not pretty. As everyone else was almost done covering the 2nd tier, I was still stuck covering the 1st tier. (Sorry. No photos. I was getting frustrated and forgot.)

Then, in the afternoon, it rained. Rain and fondant don't get along. They are mortal enemies. But I persevered.

Learned how to use dowel rods.

Learned how to use stensil with Royal Icing.

Learned how to roll out fondant lace.
That small tub of pearl dust is RM17.50!!

Managed to cover the visible cake board with the lace. Yay!

Learned how to colour sugar flowers with edible dust.

Learned fondant water painting.

Learned how to use Pearl Dust.
It really makes the lace pop out like real lace.

At the end though, I still had fun. My cake was ok, I guess. It looked nice from afar. Up close, not so much.

Next step, to set up my plan and practice. Lots of practice. Wish me luck!


musfirah said...

awak...cantik. nampak flawless je. nnt boleh la order satu untuk anniversary sy kan. mengenang kek kawen sy dulu but fondant style. boleh ke

Azie Azizan::019-274 6361 said...

Salam sayang...

Mung, lawolah kek ni...

Take care

Telly C. said...

I think you cake looks nice! I watch cake shows all the time on the TLC channel, and I know it takes LOTS of work to make cakes look as beautiful as they do! Keep it up, you'll be great at it.

AJ said...

Good luck! :)

Nur Misnan said...

look supeb and gorgeous dear
gd luck to u... insyaAllah Juara
bolehlah posto2 cake tuh yer... said...

very lovely and gorgeous, u did a great job! :D