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Vico Cake

I think everybody is familiar with the Batik Cake which is fairly common in Malaysia. A simple no-bake flourless cake made with cocoa/Milo, egg, sugar and plain marie biscuits, Batik Cake is very popular during Hari Raya. 

Vico Cake is a variation of the Batik Cake which is according to my knowledge, originates from Brunei (correct me if I'm wrong). The method to making this cake is similar to Batik cake and the only major difference is Vico Cake uses Malted Cocoa powder and chocolate flavoured marie biscuits. I was introduced to Vico Cake during the Company's Open House when I saw everybody quickly grabbing these small slices of chocolate cake and I'm glad I tried it...yummy!!

I asked around for the recipe and I found out everyone has their own version of it. Since I already know the basic ingredients, I experimented. 

Experiment 1: Too sweet. So I lessen the sugar to 1/2 cup.

Experiment 2: Too gooey. Too much liquid.So instead of 3 eggs, I used 2 eggs.

Experiment 3: Finally. Success :)

This is the recipe for my version of the delicious Vico Cake. You may vary it if you like. My friend, Anne, omitted sugar and added more condensed milk to her version of the Vico Cake. Some even used Coffee flavoured marie biscuits.

Although this recipe is simple and easy, it does require a systematic execution. You must prepare in advance the baking tin and all the ingredients beforehand as the cooking process will be very fast. If you don't follow the flow of the cooking process, you will end up with not cake but an ugly mixture of scrambled egg, sweetened oily butter and soggy biscuits. (Trust me on was a horrible..) 

The Phat Baker's Vico Cake

Preparation time: 10-15 mins
Cooking time: about 15 mins

oppss..forgot the butter.

1 block (1 cup) of butter
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of condensed milk
2 large eggs
3 cups of Nestum*, plus extra for topping
3 cups Vico**
2 tablespoon Horlicks
1 packet of Chocolate flavoured marie biscuits

* Nestum is a product of Nestle which is like a malt flavoured cereal. Please do not substitute with oats, I've tried it and it didn't taste that great.

** You may substitute Vico with Ovaltine or any other brand of malted chocolate powder.


Important Note: The cooking sequence is very important. (I do sound like a crazy deranged baker for being obssessive compulsive about this recipe but this cake is too delicious and it's not meant to be a failed recipe.)

1. Cover the baking tin with cling wrap. This will make it easier to take out the cake out of the tin when it's cool.

2. Prepare 3 bowls.

3. In bowl No.1, whisk together sugar, condensed milk and eggs. 

4. In bowl No.2, mix together vico, horlicks and nestum. 

5. In bowl No.3, break the marie biscuits into small pieces. 

6. Arrange the bowl on a countertop nearest to the stove in the order following the bowl number I mentioned earlier. 

7. I would prefer you use a non stick wok but any kind of wok would do. Turn on the stove to medium heat and melt the butter.

8. Once the butter is melted, mix in the sugar/condensed milk/egg mixture. Mix until it's thick and shiny to ensure the eggs are cooked.

9. Add in the vico/nestum/horlicks mixture. 

10. Continue to stir until all the ingredients are combined. By now, it will look like sticky chocolate blob.

11. Finally, mix in the biscuits. 

Tip: You will know the mixture is cooked when the biscuits are covered by the chocolate mixture and the mixture does not stick to the wok.

12. Pour everything into the baking tin. Press it into the tin. Once this is done, sprinkle the extra nestum on top of the cake.

Tip: The mixture will be hot, so cover the top of the cake with more clingwrap and press it down using your oven mitt.

13. Let the cake cool to room temperature. Then put it in the fridge to set. I usually leave the cake in the fridge overnight.

The clingwrap makes it so much easier to take out the cake.
View from the top.

View from the inside.
Cut into bite size pieces.


Who tried my recipe?

Emiza opted to use Milo and added 2 more eggs and lessen the nestum to her liking and to suit her kids' taste. Have a look at her blog if you want to try her version of the Vico Cake.

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nurulidayu sanimin said...

Saya dh cuba...mmg marvellous! ! This is the 2nd recipe yg saya cuba sbb 1st saya guna recipe yang ada oat ..mmg x sdp dgn tekak..tqvm owner of this recipe..two thumbs up!!