Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Blackout Cake

Last week was not a good week. I had big plans. My sister's birthday was on the 21st and I wanted to make a beautiful birthday cake for her inspired by Sweetopolita's Neopolitan Cake. Yup! I was that ambitious.

First, I couldn't find any strawberries at the supermarket and settled for frozen raspberries instead. Arrived home and tasted the raspberry...yuck! so sour! Cancelled strawberry cake and decided to bake only vanilla and chocolate cake.

So far so good. Music on. The table was messy (Just so you know, a messy table is a pre-requisite for a complete baking experience!). The cakes were already in the oven. It was 2am in the morning. And then, with the best timing in the world, blackout! Oh! so why not turn on the electricity when the oven was already warm? Oh yes indeed! The "best" timing in the world. Good timing should be driving with green lights all the way. Not to have a blackout when the cakes are still in the oven. Sigh...

The next morning, I got a fantastic idea to turn the ruined cake into an ice cream layered cake.  Should be easy right? The answer is NO and I learned it the hard way. Making an ice cream cake in the warm kitchen was a very bad idea. The ice cream melted instantaneously. I quickly frost the cake with whipped cream and hoped for the best.

My poor sister celebrated her birthday (reluctantly, I guess)with a blackout cake. Does it taste good? I've done better.

Lesson learned: I will never make an ice cream cake again, ever!

P/s: Happy 24th birthday Amal. Sorry about the cake. But it was fun right?


Ihsan said...

Awwww, such a sad story! D: At least ada a cake, yes?

PS I know what you mean about the quality of berries in Brunei :(

Shuhada Daud said...

Hi Ihsan. yup...very-very sad! But's the thought that counts.

Seriously right? the berries are always sour...even the frozen ones don't taste that good.

Esma said...

Ure a nice sister!