About Me


Welcome to the Phat Baker's online kitchen. I'm a Malaysian gal who now lives in Brunei which is a cute little country located in Borneo Island (Not the Middle East. Most people assumed Brunei being an oil rich country with a Sultan is in the Middle East).

I started my blog in March of 2008 but thanks to my excellent procrastination skills, it didn't really go that far. Fast forward to March of 2011, the Phat Baker is ready to roll!!

As all of you might notice, I love cooking and baking and have a serious addiction to all things sweet. So whenever I'm free, I like to browse through recipe books and blogs and try out new recipes and tweak it to my liking. I wanted to create a reader friendly blog and hopefully my step-by-step photos helps a lot especially for beginner cooks/bakers. The step-by-step photos do take a lot of work but recipes do look better with photos. It makes even the most complicated recipe looks easy.

For easy recipe browsing, I've added a recipe index tab on top of my blog. There you will find all the links to the recipes that I have on my blog. I've also added a new section which is "Eating Out" where I share my favourite restaurants here in Brunei.

Lastly, you will see a "Fit Baker" tab. Now you might wonder why is a fitness page doing in a foodie blog?  I have a love and hate relationship with my weight. (Who doesn't?) No matter how much I love to eat, I want to stay fit by tracking my fitness regime. I had a fair share of medical scares. So hopefully, I can motivate you to do the same. Exercising is not just about the weight but to stay fit and healthy.  Who says you can't be fit and eat desserts at the same time?

Do contact me at shudaud@gmail.com if you have recipe request etc. I'll be happy to recommend  and try out one for you.

Happy Baking!